Mathematics Lessons and References


Math Antics is a great place to get started if you are just beginning your Math study. They offer very enthusiastic and easy to follow Math videos for all our Primary and Elementary little ones!


Purple Math is a comprehensive resource for pre-College math. This website is meant for self study and is an amazing free homeschool resource!


Coolmath features explanations and practice for Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Pre-Calculus. In addition they have math mini games for all ages!


Math is Fun reminds me of Cool Math in that it has just about everything you would want out of a math website! Math is Fun also features more advanced topics like Physics and Calculus.


Khan Academy is the leading online math learning resource in the world (in my opinion). If you don't know Sal Khan is one of the pioneers of free online education. Please check them out!


Annenberg strives to advance teaching in Math schools. They distribute educational workshops, with access to printed materials, for the professional development of K-12 teachers and parents.


CT4ME is a teachers comprehensive resource guided to help integrate technology and Math learning in all common core disciplines, for the middle school to high school student.


Math Bits Notebook is an online textbook for High School students in the U.S.A. Education system curriculum providing full courses in Junior Math (Grades 6-8), Algebra 1 and 2, and Geometry.


MIT Blossoms is an extensive video library which offers lessons aimed at the high/ secondary school students. Check out this high quality free resource coming straight from MIT!


The Organic Chemistry Tutor is a great place to get explanations and examples in a pinch! He has a wide variety of short videos which covers Math from elementary to high school to university.


Alexander Bogomolny gave us his website Cut the Knot to share his Math wisdom. There he uploaded "Mathematics Miscellany" and Puzzles covering Arithmetic , Combinatorics, Proofs, Geometry and more!


The LibreTexts project,  is a venture to develop the next generation of open-access texts to improve higher education in Math including most topics encountered before University as well.


Just Math is a very vast online library of video explanations from Algebra to the end of 2nd year Math! Known for his YouTube Channel PatrickJMT, this tutor knows his stuff!


Paul's Notes are full notes and example problems from Algebra, Calculus 1, 2, and 3, and Differential Equations courses taught at Lamar University. Great resource for first and second year students.


Mathologer is just like seeing into the mind of a mathematician. Prof. Buckard Polster covers many topics in higher mathematics, offering helpful animations and often sharing never before seen insights!


Math World outlines pretty well all terms and concepts covered in University level Math. They claim to be the worlds most extensive math resource. Don't use Wikipedia, start using Math World!

Mathematics Interactives and Visualizations


Didax provides virtual manipulative kits for a visual learning student. A great resource for Elementary students taking a visual approach to their study and journey through Mathematics!


Common Core Sheets is a comprehensive resource for Math worksheets for elementary/ middle school. Stop scrolling and start practising or brushing up on your basics for free!


Dad's Worksheets has printables and practise sheets necessary for home learning of math. With 4 daughters, this Dad took it upon himself to create worksheets for the benefit of us all!


Mathigon is an exciting new way of learning Math! Trademarked, "The Textbook of the Future", this website will give a new perspective on learning topics from Grade 6-12, regardless of your level.


Saltire Software gives dynamic visualizations of geometric objects including triangles, circles, and ellipses. Great teaching tool for generating basic geometric objects for students!

walterfendt logo.gif

Walter Fendt creates Apps on Mathematics that anyone can interact with online! Mainly focused on Geometry, any Math student or teacher alike will find a use for this great visualization tool!


Math Warehouse supplies us with gifs, animations, interactives, and charts to aid with the study of geometry, algebra, trigonometry, calculus and more! Definitely a great find for teachers too!


Math-Aids creates free dynamic worksheets covering all Math topics from Kindergarten to Upper level. Great resource if you are studying Algebra, Calculus, or Differential Equations especially!


Interactive Math provides Math applets so that you can interact with the Math your are learning. Focusing on higher level Math concepts, this is a great website for Calculus and Science students!


MathIn presents math resources, applets and work sheets, intended to deepen knowledge of mathematics. For engineering students, user feedback indicates that some aspects are useful for K - 12.


Brown University presents Seeing Theory, an interactive look at Probability and Discrete Math! Written chronologically, they provide both theory and visuals to aid in learning.


The Wolfram Alpha Demonstrations Project is an immense free library of visuals simulations, and demonstrations. All available in just about any course of study! Great for teachers!

Mathematics Calculators and Tools


Mathway is a topic specific free online graphing calculator. They are a great resource for displaying graphs, computing derivatives/integrals, as well checking your answer!


Desmos is an easy and free to use graphing calculator. Graph cartesian and polar plots, conic sections, probability plots, derivatives, integrals, areas and Taylor Series expansions!


GeoGebra is another easy to use graphing calculator, but can do more than graph. Here they also can plot in 3D, construct geometric objects, and display Gaussian probability curves!


Math Portal provides Math calculators, formulas, tests and lessons for Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, and Linear Algebra. Use this site to check your work and ensure your answer is correct!


Wolfram Alpha is as close as you get to computer aided algebra software, which is not software! On top of algebra and graphing, they feature explanations, diagrams, and much more!


The Geometer’s Sketchpad® software is for teaching and learning mathematics. Sketchpad® gives students visual way to learn mathematics that increases their attention to detail. 


MacTutor is an online resource containing biographies of nearly 3000 mathematicians and over 2000 pages of supporting materials. The site is supported by the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.


Plus+ Magazine is a fun resource for Math educators and students to stay up to date in the world of Mathematics! They also feature interviews with industry professionals and mini games!

Open Source Mathematics Textbooks

This is book one in a six-book series on fundamental math for adult learners. Chapters included are: Number Sense, Addition, Subtraction, Estimating, Time and Shapes. Great for learning the basics!

ALF Book 1 Cover.png
ALF Book 2 Cover.png

This is book two in a six-book series on fundamental math for adult learners. Chapters included are: Numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Change,Perimeter, and Multiplication. Great for learning the basics!

ALF Book 3 Cover.png

This is book three in a six-book series on fundamental math for adult learners. Chapters included are: Numbers, Multiplication, Division, Change, Time and Metric System. Great for learning the basics!

ALF Book 4 Cover.png

This is book four in a six-book series on fundamental math for adult learners. Chapters included are: Decimal Arithmetic, Decimal Applications, and Measurement. Great for learning the basics!

This is book five in a six-book series on fundamental math for adult learners. Chapters included are: Fractions, Fraction Arithmetic, and Converting Fractions to Decimal. Great for learning the basics!

ALF Book 5 Cover.png
ALF Book 6 Cover.png

This is book six in a six-book series on fundamental math for adult learners. Chapters included are: Ratios, Rate, Proportion, Percent, and Statistics. Great for learning the basics!


OpenStax gives us a book that reviews topics: Intergers, Fractions, Decimals, Percents, Linear Equations, and Polynomials. Designed for transition into secondary school.


NSCC provides a book for trades math. Topics include: Whole Numbers, Fractions, Decimals and Percents. Book 1 of 2 builds up the concepts needed to get through any trades course.

NSCC provides a book for trades math. Topics include: Working with Units and Equations, Perimeter, Area, and Volume. Book 2 of 2 builds up the concepts needed to get through any trades course.


OpenStax gives us a book that introduces topics: Linear Equations, Polynomials, Factoring, Rational Equations, Roots and Radicals and Quadratic Equations. Designed for early secondary school.


Terrence Berg gives us algebra at a middle level. Topics include: Linear Equalities, Polynomials, Rational & Radical Expressions, Quadratics, and Functions. For at an intermediate level.


This OpenStax text has topics of: Linear, Quadratic Polynomial, Rational, Radical, Exponential, and Logarithmic Functions, as well as conics and sequences. Made for upper level secondary.

Algebra and Trigonometry provides an exploration of algebraic principles and meets scope and sequence requirements for an introductory algebra and trigonometry course.


This text is designed as a second or third course in algebra with focus on trigonometry. Topics include: Unit Circle, Graphing, Formulas and Identities, Triangles, Vectors, and Conic Sections.


Meant for Electricians, this book focuses on trigonometry and vector concepts with applications to the electrician trade. Good resource for someone learning enough to get through trade school.