Position: Head Instructor, CEO

Name: Bret Klein


(1) To provide a platform which engages a wide community of Mathematics and Physics students, as well as educators.

(2) To offer inexpensive Mathematics and Physics education which is comprehensive and applicable.

(3) To learn about the shortcomings of the current educational structure and build a better foundation for students of the future.


If you are looking for a teacher to relate with, then I think you've found what you're looking for. As a student I went through every struggle, and every grade level, that someone could go through.


When I entered university (in 2013) I actually had no idea how to learn. In high school I managed to get good enough grades for university entrance, but realized quickly that I was not properly prepared by the school system to be able to handle the leap in education. When I was in first and second year, I focused very hard on figuring out how I could learn challenging concepts in a short amount of time. Once I did this, I pulled off better and better grades and at the same time having a very good memory of the concepts, even after the courses were long gone.


Through establishing my own rhythm in learning, and analyzing it, I found that I was able to teach my peers and new students the concepts of the courses very fast, sometimes faster than the professor! Since then, my project in educating people is in my effort to demonstrate that I can transfer such methods to others. I keep on getting better and better and hope that I can share my perspective on MATH and PHYS with you!


Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Matrix Algebra, Differential Equations, Introduction Physics, Classical Mechanics, Biomechanics, Statics, Dynamics, Electrodynamics, Electronics, Vibrations, Optics, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Solid-State Physics, Physical Imaging, Experimental Physics, Statistics, Independent Teacher Entrepreneurship.



I am continuously guided to be more professional and organized in the services I offer. I have been busy reaching out to students full time for the past 2 years now with PHYSiMATICS. As time goes by I continue to improve and gain experience.


Personally, I have been tutoring students one-on-one at the college level in MATH and PHYS since 2014. I was trained and certified to tutor through the Centre for Teaching and Learning at UBCO Okanagan (2015) and went on to work in the Math and Science Center, which is a place where UBCO students can go to get free tutoring. Also during my studies I had the chance to work for the university as a Lab Instructor, teaching 8 rounds of students throughout my time there.


It was also in 2017 that I convocated from UBCO with a Bachelor of Science, with Honours Physics designation. Since then we have had huge success with PHYSiMATICS, and so have numerous other students in multiple courses and levels!


My name is Bret Klein and I am the CEO and Head Instructor here at PHYSiMATICS Tutoring Service. Established in 2017, PHYSiMATICS is a growing success in education both in the Okanagan and online.

When I first started learning physics my mind was blown on how universal it is. Learning about rainbows and electricity and then seeing them in new ways was so fascinating to me. I originally thought I would turn out to go to school for Engineering, however one Physics class is all it took to take my heart.

Now I have been studying Physics and the Mathematics of Nature for just under a decade. I went to two universities to receive an Honours degree in Physics. And I'm not finished learning! Part of my education has been through communicating and empathizing with students learning the content. 

I have involved Physics into my life for long enough that I believe its time to share it a little with the world. My hope is that you find my outlook on MATH and PHYS interesting and that you start to see it work right in front of you and its applications throughout your reality!