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~Hunter Straughan

            ~Engineering Student

                                  ~UBC Vancouver

~Ryan Thompson

~Pre-Calculus Student

~High School

~Jessie G.

~UBC Okanagan

~Geology Graduate

~Joseph Duczek

            ~Business Student

                        ~University of Regina


"Brett was the only reason I not only passed, but excelled at physics! Super thorough and kind. He makes sure you actually understand what you're learning and uses complex examples that can deepen your understanding of the material. 10/10 recommend!"

~Hana Lean, Science Student, UBC Okanagan

"He is a great person. Back in my first year's physics labs, he helped me a lot. He teaches not only how to solve problems, but also how you should think to solve the problems."

~Wenhong Zhang, International Student, UBC Okanagan


"Brett was an amazing tutor- very patient and explained things thoroughly! Highly recommended for any tutoring needs!!"

~Megan Stone, Earth and Environmental Sciences Student, UBC Okanagan

~Megan Stone, Mature Student, UBC Okanagan


"Very knowledgeable, very professional, very caring."

~Scott Mason, Parent of Student, Alberta Distance Learning


"Really passionate & knows how to not only solve the impossible, but shows you how to individually solve & understand the impossible �"

~Vicky Klein, P. Pharmacy Student, University of Saskatchewan


"this is a great resource for anyone that needs a little bit of extra help. Brett was super good at breaking down difficult concepts into something I could understand"

~Alex Barrett, Economics Student, University of British Columbia

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