What is it?

I offer online tutorials through a virtual meeting space, called Zoom. Zoom is a very popular application used for business conferencing and education purposes all over the world. I like to use it because of its screen sharing versatility, student annotation capabilities, and its ease of downloading pictures and video recorded from the meeting. To use it you don’t need to sign up for an account or anything, you just download a link I attach in an email sent before the meeting! I think most students are impressed when they use Zoom and how much better of an application it is compared to Skype!

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How does it work?

Tutorials can be 1 hr, 1.5 hrs, or 2 hrs at a time. On average, I go through 4 or 5 problems per hour, depending on the difficulty and the amount of questions.

Choose the style of tutorial you are looking for. As of right now, we have four choices for you to choose from based on your level of commitment and time restrictions. To find out more about the styles of tutorials offered, click here.

Visit Availability+Contact page on this website. There you will find my current availability and filled time-slots of the week and month.

If you are signing up with a group of students, organize a group message that works for everyone in your group.

Send me an email to book your first tutorial! Please include in your email the specific date/time of appointment, name(s), and contact information in the following format:


Once I have read, replied, and agreed to the booking suggestion you sent by email, you can go back to my Availability+Contact page and see your booking on my schedule!

To prepare for the tutorial, discuss within your group, or reference your notes to determine the types of questions/ topics to be focused on. Once you have decided, please send me an email with a list of topics or .JPG attachment of the types of questions you would like covered. Please include as detailed list as possible, with as much time before the tutorial as possible, so I have time to review!

Before the tutorial, I send you a link to the online meeting room by email. The link brings you to another window. In google chrome, a message appears asking to open the "zoom.us" application. Once you click on the button, "Open zoom.us", another window appears. I have the settings of the meeting so that I have to be in the meeting room first for anyone to join. 

Once I am in the meeting, the video conference window will automatically open. The window asks permission to join audio. After you have joined your video, your screen appears in the top of the window and my screen appears in the bottom and is enlarged.

Upon arrival, we will catch up on the material you would like to go over at the current date. If you are returning student(s), I may have assigned a practice problem, at which point we would briefly discuss the solution and conceptual understanding. 

Depending on the tutorial style you have chosen, we will then partake in an exchange of information. If you give me your attention and feedback, and I provide you with both conceptual and practical approach to the subject, I can guarantee growth for the both of us! Tutorials are structured to inhabit communication in a real-time conversation on the subject. Remember, part of finding the solution is in asking the right question! 

Some students do take notes, because that is the way they are used to learning, however I recommend we do things differently. All online tutorials come with a free PDF and MP4 download after the tutorial is over. In order to activate your attention and retention I invite you to participate in the lesson as much as possible! 

If you are a group of students, I prefer to reserve 20-30 min at the end of the tutorial for open discussion. This is always a super productive way of reviewing the subject and promotion of sharing within the group. Best case scenario, I spark a heated discussion about Math or Physics which spans long after the tutorial... :D

After the meeting is over, just click the x in one of the top corners (Right-hand side for most PC's, Left hand side for Mac's). This window will appear asking if you want to leave the meeting, click "Leave Meeting".

After the tutorial ends, students are invited to work on practice problems and ask questions directly to my email. I can't promise that I will be able to answer your question in a time-frame, however I do my best to help out students for the in between time. The amount of work you put in, I am willing to match!

At the end of the tutorial, please pay me! Information on pricing can be found here. If you have signed up with a group, or have booked multiple sessions with me, we will have discussed your discount amount. The interact e-transfer payment can be sent to the email you have contacted me with!

To discourage students from thinking education can be a one-off, I offer discount packages based on advanced payment and booking of tutoring. If you have had a tutorial with me already, I recommend we discuss a plan to ensure you are fully supported in your end goal.

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Who can enroll?

At this time, anyone with a passion or drive to learn Mathematics or Physics are welcome to enroll for onLine tutoring. I have experience teaching Math and Physics concepts to a various audience. To date, the youngest student I had was Grade 6. I also often get sign-ups for mature students, either upgrading or taking a Math related courses for their career.

If you are in a Math, Physics, or Engineering course listed here. If the course you are looking for isn't listed, or you aren't enrolled in a particular course at this time, please contact me here.

Must be willing to learn! This may sound silly but is certainly mandatory. I hear students tell me sometimes that they aren't interested in learning the material, they just want to pass. I'm sorry, but if this is you I am obligated to deny your application.


Here at PHYSiMATICS I am trusting that the information I share with you will enhance your insight and help you make the world a better place. Here we respect the foundation and structure of mathematics and physics enough to recognize its elegance, simplicity, and to only unveil its secrets to the curious!