The Price

The price for tutoring depends on both the number of hours and the number of students in the session. For only $35.00 per hour per student, all students registered in tutorials with PHYSiMATICS Tutoring Service will receive many inside and outside tutorial added benefits.


Inside tutorial, students will receive explanations, diagrams, and example problems structured in a way that effectively teaches the student the concepts needed for the course and in a way in which the student likes to learn. Unlike learning in a classroom or online, we ensure that the environment of the tutorial is one that allows you (the student) to fully interact with me (the teacher) in way that judgement-free and easy. During the tutorial, students are encouraged to take pictures of explanations, definitions, and diagrams used throughout the tutorial for their records.


Outside of the tutorial setting, students are also offered free diagnostic testing, worksheets, practice testing (problems+solutions), as well as daily online support (by email or Zoom video-chat) with any course suggestions, questions, assignments, test preparation, and follow up from tutorial.


We provide discounts to guide students to actively improve their organization and study skills, while achieving their academic goals.  There are currently 3 ways students can always get discounts from the base price.

- By booking tutorials ahead of time, students are rewarded for practicing their organization skills and ability to plan ahead.

- By booking tutorials with a friend or group of friends, thus encouraging group learning; creates an environment where each person of the group holds each other person accountable for their learning.

- Suggest PHYSiMATICS to a friend. The more the merrier! The more you promote us, the cheaper your tutorials will be.