Starting this May I am re-vamping my services to better suite how I’ve found students want to engage with the material. Instead of meeting regularly, I am offering Customizable Video Tutoring.

The price per hour is $40. During that hour I can usually get through 4-5 problems in detail. For individual concepts, it could be anywhere from 20 min to 2 hours, depending on the difficulty and the importance of the subject for your course.

Create-your-own Tutorials !

The discounts I offer are based off of the total amount of hours you book ahead of time, the amount of classmates you refer to PHYSiMATICS, and if/ or if not you allow me to share the video on my website for future students who have the same question/ difficulty.


Send me an email including the topics you are struggling with, a jpg (screenshot, snapshot) of any specific problems, teachers slide and notes which are confusing, past or present midterm problems, etc...

In the initial email please let me know if you are dealing with any deadlines (I like to have at least 24 hours if you know what I mean).

I will read the email and reply with a plan of action for the video tutorial as well as a video length quote (pricing is listed below).

If your questions line up with a previous students tutorial which they have agreed to add to the PHYSiMATICS Tutorial Library, then I may first refer you to that source.

If you agree or have anything to add to the plan of action or want to decrease the video length, you reply with any adjustments.

You pay me for the video (I am taking interac e-transfer at this time).

Once we have agreed on the Plan of Action and the video length, I will have the Customized Video Tutorial sent to your email.

Video tutorials vary in style depending on what you are looking for. Some topics are best understood through simple demonstrations/ animations, while others may require us to go through problems from the course to get an understanding of how to read, interpret, and use the proper equations for the topic at hand.

How it works :


Forward to Students

In this time I've learned that regular meetings with a tutor can both help and hurt a student. Having a professional to check your work and go over tough concepts a second time is never a bad thing! However, meeting with a tutor on a regular basis can be expensive, inconsistent, and ultimately results in a dependency on your tutor, that is if you can find a good one. I’ve found many of my student in the past leaning heavily on me when it gets to the end of the course to, “just get me a pass”. My hope is that I can provide those willing with the tools to succeed in their studies and understanding of Mathematics and Physics.


Overall, I’ve developed a strategy that works really well. During the past year of online tutorials, students have told me that the biggest benefit of these tutorials were the recorded video of, and examples directly from, their assignments and course(s). My goal in offering live tutorials was always to structure tutorials as if we were having a conversation, allowing for frequent interruptions and analogies. In retrospect and review I have actually discovered that this is not exactly how my previous students wanted to learn. What I found is that students want to educate themselves in the same way they watch Netflix haha.. its true! Almost all of my tutorials turned into a story, with me the narrator taking you, the student, through the details of the concepts and/or all the way through problems sent ahead of time which were found tricky. Students don't often know the important questions to ask on the ball and often need some time to think about it.